• HW-X9 Ride On Floor Scrubber

    HW-X9 Ride On Electric Floor Scrubber has high stability and durability. It is specially designed for large commercial ground for different types of floor cleaning needs, such as shopping center, departure hall, factory working shop and logistics warehouse etc.

  • HW-X7-70/85 Electric Ride On Floor Scrubber

     HW-X7-70/85 Large Commercial Industrial Electric Ride On Floor Scrubber adopts new compact design, flexible and easy operation, is the essence of small driving-type washing machines, and also represents the star of clean innovation progress. Most efficient cleaning of large commercial, industrial or service establishments.

  • HW-X6020 Electric Trash Truck

    HW-X6020 Electric Trash Truck with hydraulic lifted rear trash box for garbage collection

  • HW-X6042A1 Electric Garbage Truck

    Electric Garbage Truck with sealed rear box for liquid or wet waste, side lifting system to lift garbage bin, this electric garbage truck can be widely used in closed area like community, hotel, resort, garden, park, airport, bus station, train station etc. for liquid waste (swill) collecting and transporting.

  • HW-X6 Mini Driving Type Scrubber

  • HW-X3 Hand Push Floor Scrubber

    HW-X3 High performance floor scrubber dryer can meet the cleaning request of higher standards. And the products prefer smaller areas. Besides, the floor scrubber is not flexible but also has standard spatial structure. With three types of wire, brush driver and self-propelled for choice.

  • HW-X2 Battery Powered Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

    HW-X2 Battery Powered Walk Behind Floor Scrubber is the most cost-effect product of our company, with super quiet and deep cleaning effect. It is suitable for the public areas which have strict requirements for the noise, such as hospitals, libraries, schools, hotels and terminal buildings.

  • HW-P100A Walk Behind Road Sweeper

    HW-P100A Hand Push Walk Behind Road Sweeper is especially suitable for using in hall, waiting hall, hospital, factory and pavement etc. Equipped with an automatic cleaning system. There is no dust and noise when it is working. The flexible sweeper with light and smart construction can walk easily among crowd and it also can be maintained easily.

  • HW-C200 Industrial Factory Warehouse Floor Sweeper

    HW-C200 Industrial Ride On Road Sweeper is mainly used for mining area, enterprise, large warehouse, university and high grade villa area etc., which has a smooth ground and fine environment.

  • HW-I800 Sanitation Heavy Load Sweeper

    HW-I800 Ride On Road Sweeper is the classic type of Hwawin products, combined with vacuum, sweep and water spray. It is for outdoor use, such as sanitation bureaus, cleaning companies or property management companies.

Our Industry Solution


Electric Road Sweeper

Our Road Sweeper is powered by battery electricity, it is mainly used in municipal sanitation, exhibition venues, industrial parks, residential areas, commercial walking street, parking lots, tourist spots and other public places.

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Electric Floor Scrubber

The Electric Floor Scrubbers provide the best cleaning solutions for all kind of smooth floors, bring excellent cleaning effect for workshop, storage, logistics center, supermarket, hospitals, libraries, schools, hotels and terminal buildings.

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Electric Sanitation Vehicle

Electric Sanitation Vehicle mainly includes Garbage Collecting Vehicle and and Garbage truck,  they are used for environmental sanitation city cleaning.


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Electric Golf Cart

Electric Golf Cart is mainly used in golf course, park, sighting seeing place, it have advantages of environmental protection, no noise pollution etc.

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Industrial Utility Vehicle

Our Industrial Utility Vehicles are all powered by electricity, include Burden Carrier, Scissor Lifter, Light Duty Truck, Garbage Truck, Fire Truck and High Pressure Cleaning Truck etc.

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Stone Floor Grinding Care Machine

Stone Floor Grinding Care Machine is suitable for the leveling, grinding, renovating and polishing of concrete floor, emery floor, cement floor, terrazzo floor, marble, granite, artificial stone and other large ground.

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About Hwawin New Energy Co., Ltd.

Professional Electric Cleaning Equipments and Special Electric Vehicles' Supplier

Hwawin New Energy Co., Ltd. as a member of Hwawin Group, we are specialized in road cleaning and environmental protection equipments more than 20 years.

Our products mainly include:

Road Sweepers: Manual Walk Behind Sweeper; Industrial Sweeper; Multi-Purpose Sweeper; Sanitation Heavy Load Sweeper; Electric Driving Type Sweeping Machine; New All-Closed Sweeper; Discharging Sweeper; Sanitation Sweeper.

Floor Scrubber: Push Type Floor scrubber; Ride-On Floor Scrubber

Electric Golf Carts and other environmental protection equipment.

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